Many, if not all, of the characters are taken from licensed videogames, cartoons and artwork. I do not claim to have invented any of the characters or even necessarily have created the crafting ideas. There are simply things I, my friends and family have chosen to make for ourselves and each other when the items prove impossible to find or are simply too expensive for our humble pocketbooks! I want to make these ideas and their process of creation easily accessible to those who might also enjoy them!

Monday, November 7, 2011

DIY color wonder pages

Super Mario Color Wonder

So I know I don't post as much as I should... especially considering I have done quite a few blog-worthy projects in the past year, but better late than never.

So for those of you that have kids, you know about the magic that is color-wonder (at least I hope you do). Link has recently discovered his love for coloring. He absolutely loves the Cars color-wonder color pages. I love it too except for the fact that if you price the coloring books they can run you anywhere from 6-12 bucks a pop for about 12-18 pages that include around 4 markers. We already have a ton of the special markers. We don't need more red, blue and yellow markers! If you buy the blank paper pads with 30 pages they run you about $4 a pad. Do you see where I am going with this?

It probably seems obvious but for those who haven't thought of it already: Buy the blank papers, bust out a sharpie, embrace your inner tracing artist and make your own color pages. The reason this is so genius is because
1. It saves you money
2. You don't end up with a bazillion of the same color markers
3. You can personalize the pictures for your own kid

Link loves Super Mario and everything having to do with the games. Easy to make and your kid (or you) will love it!