Many, if not all, of the characters are taken from licensed videogames, cartoons and artwork. I do not claim to have invented any of the characters or even necessarily have created the crafting ideas. There are simply things I, my friends and family have chosen to make for ourselves and each other when the items prove impossible to find or are simply too expensive for our humble pocketbooks! I want to make these ideas and their process of creation easily accessible to those who might also enjoy them!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Welcome to Craft-nerdy! This is a project I hope to keep going for as long as I possibly can. I have created this blog in hopes of giving fellow creative nerds, normal people, moms, dads, teenagers, kids, etc etc ideas for projects that you can do yourself!

I do not consider myself incredibly talented by any means. I will admit I have a decent drawing talent but many of my ideas are borrowed and taken from more complicated and expensive things!

Some of my current projects include a pacman themed bathroom for my son, Link. I am also working toward changing his room over to a complete video game theme, mainly Super Mario. For his bathroom I have made a handpainted shower curtain. This is one of the projects I am most proud of as it was entirely my own idea! (woohoo!) I used an internet pacman videogame screenshot as reference for the artwork. I also did a bit of research on how best to paint the design onto the fabric. Also included in this pacman set are a handpainted trashcan, handpainted soap pump, handpainted toothbrush holder, two large canvas paintings (so far) and a latch-hook rug (that is still in the works). I hope to eventually get these projects up on this blog and walk you through the process I took to create them. I would love to include pictures to help you along as well (even though I am already done with these projects).

Bottom line, my goal is to give you the steps to create what I can! If you can wield an iron you'll be able to make crafts with perler beads. If you can hold a small handle, you can make a latchhook rug for your bathroom, bedroom, any room! If you can print things onto paper with your printer and computer, trace things, cut, glue and get messy, the possiblilites are endless. I maintain that you don't need to have too much artistic ability to make amazing things that you and your family will enjoy for years and I aim to help you understand how!

With that said, enjoy this blog and feel free to leave comments on something you might want to see, learn how to do or add to my instruction! I am more than happy to include other's patterns that they want to share! Enjoy, and happy crafting.